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        Energy storage & smart Grid PMG Converter Shore power supply Industrial power supply Power test equipment PV inverter Aviation Power supply

        Charge and discharge testing equipment

        BOS series of energy feedback power battery performance detection system is a computer-controlled two-way high-precision DC power supply processing system. The user can set certain parameters for the energy flow between the grid and the load for flexible control. The system is specifically designed to test the power battery pack and its subsystems.

        The system can include a variety of DC load, including battery performance testing. Compared with the traditional power supply, the system can provide more testing. The system uses energy feedback structure, can discharge the energy of the battery without external resistive load to the grid or directly transferred to the need of charge the battery to solve the traditional resistance-type discharge energy dissipation and workshop heat dissipation. In addition, the system can also meet the specific needs of users of a variety of products through the integration of specific power processing algorithms.

        Charge and discharge testing equipment

        1, Using energy feedback structure, the battery discharge generated electricity to the electricity or directly transferred to the need to charge the battery pack to solve the energy loss and heat dissipation workshop.

        2, All systems in the power part of the power simulation and thermal system simulation, design redundancy of over 30%, to ensure that the machine's stability and reliability.

        3, with constant current, pulse, ramp charge and discharge, constant current limiting, constant current limiting / limit, variable current charging, constant power, constant resistance and other charge and discharge work.

        Technical parameters

        Ac input voltageV

        380±10% with grid≤3%

        Rated frequencyHz



        ≤5%every time≤3%



        Wire with the power grid


        Feedback type and efficiency

        Active inverter, active rectifier



        Isolation type

        Frequency transformer isolation

        Input resistance



        Over-voltage, over-temperature, isolated island, communication over-time, DC bus over-voltage, etc.

        The system running environment and requirements


        Forced air cooling

        Protection degree


        Storage temperature


        Running temperature






        Installation environment

        Installation place without strong vibration and shock, external magnetic field induction intensity shall not exceed 0.5mT

        Average without Error


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