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        Feedback type electronic load

        Energy feedback electronic load can simulate a variety of load characteristics, but also feedback the energy pollution-free to the power grid. It is the inevitable trend of the development of electronic load. Compared with the common resistance load, it works by using the power electronic conversion technology in the completion of the power test under the premise of the output power of the measured power cycle recycling, which saves energy and does not produce a lot of heat, to avoid the the problem of increasing ambient temperature in the test site. The electronic load does not test the power into heat, so it does not have to use a bulky resistance box and cooling equipment, saving installation space. As a result of the energy feedback, so the test site do not have to be equipped with a larger power supply capacity, reducing the cost of power supply capacity.

        Feedback type electronic load

        1, The main circuit using the United States TI's DSP chip, the German Infineon IGBT module, drive protection for the Japanese Mitsubishi movement, and the on grid output part of the LC filter, light and reliable;

        2, The use of SPWM pulse width modulation technology, pure sine wave output, automatic synchronization with the grid tracking, power factor close to 1, the current harmonic content is low, no pollution of the public power grid, no impact;

        3, the DC voltage can be set to save the undervoltage, the output power can be set to save, a variety of operating modes optional to meet the various customers on-site operation;

        4,Inverter closed-loop current control, adjustable controllable;

        5, The input DC voltage range, to meet the needs of different occasions;

        6, Frequency disturbance detection technology to achieve anti-islanding control;

        7, With a full range of power protection program and improve the self-detection and protection. In the event of system failure will stop the inverter;

        8, Compact circuit, the maximum efficiency> 90%;

        9, Optional RS485 communication, PC monitoring, remote data acquisition and monitoring.


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