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        Energy storage & smart Grid PMG Converter Shore power supply Industrial power supply Power test equipment PV inverter Aviation Power supply

        Grid simulator

        For many years, BOS developed new power supply equipment to meet the power requirements of different occasions, for the panel test, the inverter detection of aging, battery aging detection, aging detection of super capacitor, charging module detection of aging applications, Power grid simulator, feedback electronic load, charging module test system, charge and discharge monitoring equipment, solar panel simulator and other products.

        Grid simulator

        ACBP series of analog power products integrate the current advanced power electronics technology, embedded control technology and advanced production technology, products with high reliability, stability, ease of operation. The specific product technical characteristics are as follows:

        1.Digital voltage and frequency control: to meet the needs of rapid system, simple and reliable control, automated testing possible;

        2. Frequency change control: smooth frequency change;

        3.Improve the digital protection system: to improve system reliability;

        4.Built-in low voltage through (LVRT) mode, can easily simulate the relevant regulations of the voltage drop curve

        5.ACST series with energy feedback function, energy can be fed back to the grid, save energy and reduce the overall system acquisition costs

        6.Three-phase independent adjustable function, can be adjusted independently of each phase voltage, suitable for multiple single-phase phase adjustable load function, can be set between the three-phase angle

        7.It can simulate the power of abnormal state, through the optional step, gradient function, the user can set the continuous or stage voltage and frequency changes, can also contact us to do custom power curve simulation

        8.Efficient energy feedback system: to reduce the test energy loss and test platform power distribution requirements;

        9.The data set to store: multiple sets of test data storage, user-friendly building standardized test process;

        10.Rich communication interface: support RS232, RS485, GPIB and other means of communication;

        11.Friendly man-machine interface: Kunlun-state touch screen display a variety of parameters and settings;

        12.Stacked bus structure: to effectively reduce the sense of the inverter circuit line to improve the reliability of the inverter;

        13.Independent cooling duct design;

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