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        PV inverter with controller

        Inverter with controller all in one is a new generation of new energy power generation system dedicated power, which is mainly for new energy power generation system features and requirements of design and manufacturing. The system utilizes the energy generated by the PV module and charges the battery through the PV controller. At the same time, the battery supplies power to the inverter, and the inverter supplies power to the load, and the light utilization efficiency is high. This series of power supply will be solar controller and inverter into one, designed for pastoral areas, islands, villages and other small solar energy designed for the rated power within the household appliances, instruments, meters, color TV, satellite receiving and automotive equipment powered by.?

        PV inverter with controller

        ●One device with integrated charge and discharge control and inverter conversion function, cost-effective, beautiful appearance, low noise, electromagnetic interference, use environment for families.

        ●16 digital signal processing chip, the system is a powerful, high reliability.

        ●System uses isolated power supply,anti-interference ability.

        ●Design of inverter with controller,low frequency isolation,solve the problem of non-resistive load inrush.

        ●Environmental adaptability, available at high altitude, the natural environment applications.

        ●With anti-DC input, output short circuit, overload, DC over, under-voltage, overheating, lightning protection function.

        ●Battery over-voltage, under voltage recovery automatically after the restart, to meet the requirements of unattended.

        ●"Point-type" control method, allows PV modules to maximize battery charge, the efficiency is greatly improved.

        ●Adaptability of the load, fully meet the household power supply.

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