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        Energy storage & smart Grid PMG Converter Shore power supply Industrial power supply Power test equipment PV inverter Aviation Power supply

        Armored inverter power supply

        Military armor inverter power supply is our company in accordance with the relevant standard military standards, military power matching standards, based on the standard power supply for customers in the structure, installation, use of environmental conditions tailored to the military special inverter power supply.

        The ZJWL-45 military armored inverter power source was designed and manufactured in April, 2005. It has been designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with the requirements of the military standard. It has passed and passed a series of military tests such as electromagnetic compatibility, high temperature test, shock and vibration test , Dust test, humidity test. In March 2007 with the project as a whole successfully passed the Academy of ASTRI and the North company experts in the design of stereotypes assessment, and has a large number of supporting a certain type of artillery vehicles in our army.

        Armored inverter power supply

        This kind of power supply converts DC24V or 27V into alternating current (AC220 / 50Hz, AC36V / 115V / 400Hz) and supplies power for AC equipment such as air-condition instrument, radar navigation and communication equipment. The products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant standards of the national military standard. They are all sealed and designed with good electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature and shock-resistant performance. They can be widely used in various types of armored vehicles, warships, armed helicopters and military Transport aircraft, fighters and other occasions.

        ★ Input DC24V ± 6V, output AC220V, 50Hz

        ★ output rated voltage and frequency AC220V 50Hz or AC115V 400Hz (optional)

        ★ strong and reliable structure to meet the impact, vibration requirements;

        ★ good electromagnetic compatibility;

        ★ fully enclosed structure to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-10C-4610.

        ★ three defenses: GJB150.9-86, GJB150.10-86, GJB150.11-86 (hot and humid, mold, salt spray)

        ★ Vibration: GJB150.16-86

        ★ impact: GJB150.18-86

        ★ dust: GJB150.12-86

        ★ Electromagnetic Compatibility: Meet GJB151A-97

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