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        AC programmable variable frequency power supply

        ? ? ?This series of products adopt high-frequency power electronic switch conversion technology, and the voltage and frequency can be continuously adjusted. It is suitable for laboratories or production lines, as a power supply for debugging experiments, and can also be used as a centralized power supply for factories and laboratories. The power supply inputs a single AC voltage and frequency. After internal rectification and inverter conversion of AC to DC and DC to AC, it generates a very stable and pure sine wave by itself. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, stable performance, complete functions, perfect protection, and easier maintenance. This series of inverter power supplies adopt advanced sine wave pulse width modulation (SPWM) technology, which has the advantages of high reliability, complete protection functions, low waveform distortion, and high efficiency.
        AC programmable variable frequency power supply
        1. AC80 series power supply adopts touch screen for operation, which is simple and convenient to operate, beautiful and generous in appearance. It can switch between local control and remote control. The remote digital control function can realize data exchange functions such as output voltage and frequency setting function control, data reading and so on. Mainly provide R232, R485 or Ethernet standard interface and communication protocol. (Configure according to different needs of customers).
        2. The AC80 series power supply has a step function. Through the built-in step function of this machine, the AC80 series can simulate step voltage, step frequency and step duration according to the step parameters set by the user, such as step voltage, step frequency and step duration. Various power step conditions. It is suitable for simulating grid disturbance or power switch test items. Due to the excellent response speed of the AC80 series, step changes in voltage or frequency can be completed in a single cycle.
        3. The AC80 series power supply has a slow rise/slow fall function. Through the built-in slow rise/slow fall function of the machine, the AC80 series can be based on the slow rise/slow fall parameters set by the user, such as unit slow rise/slow fall Time, unit ramp-up/slow-down voltage and unit ramp-up/down frequency to simulate various power supply ramp-up or ramp-down conditions. In addition, the AC80 series power supply can adjust the voltage or frequency climbing speed through the slow rise function, thereby effectively reducing the inrush current generated by the motor or compressor when it is started.
        4. ⑴AC80 series power supply has three modes: three-phase unified adjustment mode, three-phase separate adjustment mode, and three-phase parallel mode. (Note: Three-phase unified regulation mode: that is, the normal three-phase power supply with three simultaneous frequency modulation and simultaneous voltage regulation; three-phase split modulation mode: three-phase output is independent loop independent frequency modulation and voltage regulation, without mutual interference. Three-phase parallel mode : Three-phase output is connected in parallel as single-phase output.)
        ⑵Any one-phase loop of the power split-regulation output can independently regulate voltage and frequency, including: high and low gear switch selection.
        (3) Any one-phase loop of the power supply division adjustment output can be turned off independently at will. ⑷The output of power division adjustment adopts a common neutral line. ⑸The power supply capacity of each phase is 1/3 of the total power supply capacity. ⑹The three-phase output is connected in parallel to form a single-phase output, and the output capacity is the total capacity of the power supply.
        5. The AC80 series power supply has a wireless monitoring system: the operating principle of the system is that the power supply communicates data according to a specific protocol through serial ports, network ports and other interfaces, and the communication data is bridged to the server in a wireless and transparent manner by the switching device , And finally various terminals can monitor the equipment. According to the on-site environment, you can choose the corresponding transfer equipment: for places with broadband networks, you can choose the network port or wireless Wifi transfer device to directly connect to the server; for unattended remote areas, you can use GPRS DTU transfer equipment , After inserting the phone card, you can access the server.
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