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        Unidirectional high frequency DC power supply

        The BSD series of high-frequency DC power supplies adopt IGBT rectification technology + high-frequency DCDC structure, with DSP as the control core, with wide output voltage range, high precision and low ripple. This product is mainly used in laboratory testing, air conditioning compressor testing, electrolytic gas, high-energy physics equipment, chemical and sewage treatment industries, etc.
        Unidirectional high frequency DC power supply
        Product features of unidirectional high frequency DC power supply:
        1. Isolation of input and output, power supply operation is safer;
        2. With constant voltage and constant current output modes; output voltage and output current are adjustable in full range;
        3. High power factor, energy saving and electricity saving;
        4. Forced air cooling;
        5. Adopt IGBT inverter technology and high-speed DSP as the control core;
        6. Man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation;
        7. Network port communication;
        8. Support multi-machine parallel operation;
        9. Modular design, light weight, small size, and convenient maintenance.
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