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        Bidirectional DC/DC converter

        Bl series of DCDC converters are two-way charging and discharging devices, and their DC characteristics have high precision and high dynamic response characteristics.
        The product adopts full digital control, and the output adjustment range is wide.
        It is suitable for IT server power supply, industrial energy saving, new energy storage supporting, rail transit energy recovery and other industries.
        Bidirectional DC/DC converter
        ?Excellent performance:
        Wide voltage range and good adaptability: high voltage side 50-850V; low voltage side 0-800V;
        The multi-channel carrier phase shift circuit has high conversion accuracy: current accuracy <0.1%.
        ?Safe and reliable:
        High-voltage film capacitors are selected for DC support capacitors, which have a longer life;
        Both DC input and output have non-polar DC contactors and fuses for multiple protections.
        ? Flexible and concise operation:
        With programmable function, it can be used in various occasions through different control software;
        High-definition touch screen design, convenient human-computer interaction.
        ? The main control chip of the device adopts 32-bit DSP28335, which has higher precision.
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