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        Rectifier feedback unit AFE module

        ? ? ? ?The rectifier feedback unit AFE uses Infineon as the core inverter device, adopts full digital control, high control accuracy, fast response speed, high precision, high reliability, programmable features, and automatic two-way operation.
        ? ? ? ?The function of the energy feedback unit is to feed back the regenerative energy generated during the speed regulation of the motor to the grid, avoiding the energy loss caused by the resistance heating of the conventional energy-consuming braking unit, thereby achieving a considerable energy-saving effect. This product is mainly aimed at motor testing. It is connected to the DC bus in the test platform to supply power to the inverter and has a bidirectional energy conversion function.
        ? ? ? ?The altitude does not exceed 2000m (derating is required for more than 2000m), no explosive dangerous medium, no gas or conductive medium that corrodes metal and damages insulation, and no full of water vapor and serious molds are allowed.
        Rectifier feedback unit AFE module
        (1) Using PWM pulse width modulation technology, four-quadrant operation, accurate output phase, and effective suppression of high-order harmonics;
        (2) Adopt DSP2812 processor, fast speed, high precision, good stability and strong anti-interference ability;
        (3) Voltage distortion rate <5%, in line with IEC61000-3-2 and GB/T14549 requirements for grid harmonics;
        (4) Improve the braking effect and adapt to the engineering needs of rapid braking and frequent braking;
        (5) It can be used in parallel for higher power occasions;
        (6) Equipped with a touch screen, which can display AC current, voltage, power and fault information;
        (7) It has the functions of over-under-voltage, short-circuit, over-heating, and overload;
        (8) Feedback: the use of self-diagnostic technology to ensure the accuracy of the output voltage, to prevent current loopback, so that the inverter is not affected in any way;
        (9) Energy-saving: the regenerated energy is fed back to the power grid with an efficiency of 97%, which increases the economic benefits of operation and saves energy and protects the environment;
        (10) Substitution: the use of braking unit + resistance = energy feedback brake, which is a complete replacement;
        (11) Safety: adopt advanced power electronic technology and high-performance IGBT as switching devices;
        (12) Practicability: The system has good power saving effect, low heat generation, high safety, and small maintenance workload;
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