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        Power grid simulator AC2000 seriesUpdate time : 2021-05-25  Views :
        product description
        The AC2000 series of grid simulators can be used in the R&D, quality verification and production stages of solar power and wind power generation equipment. Its full four-quadrant operation, energy feedback and voltage waveform editing functions can comply with relevant regulations (UL 1741SA/IEEE 1547/IEC 62116) and test specifications. Users can change related parameters according to test requirements, such as voltage, frequency, phase change, three-phase unbalance, and flicker, etc., to simulate the power grid state test conditions required by the product under test. The power supply has the function of energy feedback to the grid, which can effectively save energy and reduce operating costs.
        1. It has the function of 100% energy feedback to the grid and can run in four quadrants
        2. Distorted waveform synthesis of harmonics and interharmonics
        3. Voltage transient simulation (in line with LVRT low voltage ride through test)
        4. Comply with PV inverter, Smart Grid and EV related product test applications
        5. The voltage waveform can be set to 0~360 degree switch machine angle
        6. Communication interface: GPIB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet port

        Charging pile test
        Laboratory testing equipment
        New energy product testing
        Motor/compressor test

        Electric vehicle industry application test

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